“I’m feeling high champagne fly

Work hard everyday till yuh reach to yuh goals”

Undoubtedly the best dancehall song I have ever listened to. The unruly boss Popcaan more than outdid himself with this beautiful piece of musical genius. This is an anthem to the struggle in every aspect of life. It personifies the goals and aspirations of every ghetto youth in Jamaica. It is a calm to the turmoil inside and when one listens to it, goosebumps cover your body and like a switch it empties the room of darkness and fills one with light.

Popcaan a St. Thomas Parish native in Jamaica. Made his way from poverty to fame with hit after hit, banger after banger and six after six. He tours the globe and promotes respect wherever he goes. Lord knows what goes through this man’s mind when making his art.

This song is for any occasion anywhere, it helps with depression, a lack of motivation, anger and any negative emotion. The vibrations put into this song are on another level thanks to production from Double dutch. This song is Jamaican culture in a nutshell, and stands with the famous quote from Bob Marley “when the music hits, you feel no pain”. Give Yourself a round of applause Poppy.


Got to make it right
Yes I got to make it right
Ladies on the left, gangsters on the right
Got to make it right

Poring liquor for my friend I got to reminisce
Even tho yo gone a member when yo tell mi this
Hard work makes a man money a malice
Now I got the hottest girls sitting on my d–k
So what’s up if we came up
Make a likkle money and a do the real things
The world watch this bwoy becomes man
Dem would a chat the truth if dem never in a feelings
It’s my ambition, wooo oh, oh, it’s my ambition
The weed, the henny we sip on

Popcaan – Everything Nice

Beat: A vibe

Flow: Meditation

Lyrics: Culture 

Photo Credits: featured image



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