“And I’m far from finished….”

Aaron “Voice” St. Louis is a San Juan native hailing from the sweet red, white and black (Trinidad and Tobago). He is a man on a mission and is quite “Far from finished”, taking carnival 2016 by storm with his hit “Cheers to Life” a well-known party anthem. In 2017 he did not disappoint, traditionally soca music is about ole mass (Carnival) and laquaray (partying as hard as humanly possible), but Voice does something totally different in his song “Far from finished”. In his song, he speaks about his journey of growing up in Trinidad, giving thanks to God, his family and stating that his journey is far from over. He raises the consciousness of his listeners and promotes an overall motivational vibe that speaks to many that may find themselves in similar situations.

This is a song that really touches the fabric of what it means to be a Trinidadian, and you can trust that after your fourth drink in a fete with friends. When this song comes on, hands eagerly reach for familiar shoulders so that words can be sang together, and chipping (type of walking dance) can begin. This “Fisherman Project” produced beat can be heard from a mile away with the inclusion of tassa drums and soulful afro trinidadian shrills.

Big up to Aaron St. Louis, as all fans eagerly await what is in store for Carnival 2018. One is one, strength and powers, all blessings given on your journey from the most high.


Now Jah Jah bless me with the opportunity
To fly country to country
Now I can drink champagne when I thirsty

Now I can see all the thing I never see
They say the San Juan youth man so lucky
But I thank the Father and me family
Now no badmind boy they could stop me
And every show I smiling, ’cause trust me
Life is so lovely, woi (wo yoi)

Voice – Far from Finished

Beat: Trini

Flow: Voice

Lyrics: Journey

photo credits: featured image



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