One of dem ones—right

Here we find ourselves again in the presence of the 6God. This time back in them Accura days when he was rapping out of his friends brothers basement while still hitting the set of Degrassi trying to make his way in the world. Drake has without a doubt changed the whole perception of what it means to be from Toronto, Canada. Through his music he markets the 6 Burroughs or the 6 so well that everyone wants to visit his home.

Weston Road Flows encapsulates what it is like to grow up in Drake’s shoes, the cold toes as a road man making his way on the Scarbrough side. In every song that drake does it is a window into his past and he narrates without restraint. Undoubtedly he has the best flow of any rapper in the game. Everything he spits or sings, is flames, he does undoubted justice to every track he drops a bar on.

Number one in the world may have seemed far for most, especially when it began on cold Weston road but not for drake. This song touches who we are, all of our pasts and shows us that we can be great and we can be better. In the eyes of many every 6God single is an album overshadowing even Marilyn Mansons beauty standards. More chune for yuh head top so watch how you speak pon d man’s name.


Weston Road Flows, I did this shit for my nigga Renny
Back when we couldn’t buy pizza
Cause we were down to pennies
Feel like we go back a century, run in the store for Centuries
Then bring it back to your brother, man, we had to respect it

He was wavy, doin’ mixtapes out of your basement
He let us hit the weed on occasion for entertainment

Then he would leave us at the house and go out on a mission
We probably would’ve got in less trouble just goin’ with him
Feel like I never say much but, man, there’s a lot to know

Feel like the difference between us really startin’ to show
I’m lookin at they first week numbers like, “What are those?”
I mean, you boys not even coming close

I gave niggas like you a reason for celebration
You number one and I’m Eddie Murphy, we tradin’ places
Look in the mirror, I’m closer than I really appear
Creepin’ like Chilli without the tender, love, and care
No tender love and care, no love and affection

I got a price on my head but there’s a risk to collect it
I might be here as a vessel to teach people a lesson
Feel like they wanted me dead but couldn’t pull it together
Yeah, but here we are and it’s a new semester

Drake – Weston Road Flows

Beat: Reminiscent

Flow: 6God

Lyrics: Nostalgia

Photo Credit: featured image



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