Alkaline – After all

Haffi protect the dawg dem, ‘memba a nuh nuff a we
The money, the fame, nuh mean nothing to me
If you a pree one a mi bredda dem, you haffi pree me

Young and ready coming out of Kingston Jamaica, some hail him as the new Kartel but many Jamaicans would disagree with that statement. Even the man himself would disagree with that statement, because to be Alkaline is to be neutral, it is to be the opposite of Acid.

At just 23 years old Alkaline aka Vendetta boss┬áis already taking the world by storm with an abundance of new school dancehall, After all just being one song of many. The vendetta clan artist rocks the world with hit single after hit single and a newly acclaimed album that dropped in 2016 titled, “New Level Unlocked”.

His lyrics and production speak for themselves but it is his flow, in timing with the beat of the music that really sets him apart from any other dancehall artist in the world right now besides the likes of Popcaan.

After all, after all
Dog dem just a wait pon a call
Four rifle lean up pon di wall

Unmark car (errk)
Drive up pull up a him foot
Bwoi spread out like seh him yard

Dead a road like dog (pow)
Yo we a guh hard we a guh hard
Diss mi four bredda you mussi mad
Dat a go down, down a morgue

Who mi nuh like you nuh like
Who me a war you a war

Alkaline – After all

Lyrics Translated

After all, After all

my friends just wait on a call

Four rifle lean up on a wall

Unmark car

Drive up on him pull up to his feet

Boy spread out on the ground like a yard

Dead on the road like a dog (pow)

Yo we go hard, we go hard

Disrespect my four brothers you must be crazy

If that goes down, you go down to the morgue

Who I don’t like you don’t like, who I war you war too

Flow: Mac 11

Beat: Lee Milla

Lyrics: Phd

Photo Credits: featured image



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