Mr. Eazi – OHEMA

“Zagadat, it’s your boy Eazi, Spinall gimme d beat…..”

This Dj. Spinall track sees the likes of one of the most profound and popular artist in Africa, the Ghanian Mr. Eazi. Ohema meaning “Queen” in the Ghanian language Twi is a chance to let the true vibe of Africa come over your body and take you for a heart bumping ride. Mr. Eazi does this track complete justice with his captivating vocals and applied lyrics.

In this work, he tries to convince a female that she is a queen, telling her that he can be anything that she needs. He tells her to forget about all the other men and that with him none of her problems will matter, because when she is with him, he knows her loving is real.

This is a song for when you and your loved one may be going through some problems. When you really need something to make her know she is special and feel loved. Well done Mr. Eazi you definitely go hard, big up yuhself for your culture.


Ohema forget obiya
Ishi forget your girl
Ohema wah be the matter
Miss wah be the matter
Ohema wah you dey wan by
Anything you want I go buy am
Ehen I be your father, your brother and your lover
E be this your matter dey make I de feel
Your loving be real (×2)
As you no dey gimme no matter
You dey make I de feel
Your loving be real (×2)

Mr. Eazi – Ohema

Beat: Jollof rice

Flow: Snow Cone

Lyrics: for d gyal dem

Picture Credits: featured image




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