“She got a good body like that perfect designing

I cant stop watching the way she whining

Girl what you drinking its me whose buying

Can you tell me that its mine where do I sign in…”

Mackareo has come out like a diamond in the dirt that ain’t been found. Peng Ting is a song that has so much culture combined into one masterpiece. Hailing originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a move to England Mackareo has combined sensual French with Lingala (language spoken in DRC), and of course that beautiful English Dialect. His swooning voice has females around the world feeling themselves to this soul deep ode to the appreciation of female beauty.

Even though this is great, what in the f*ck is a Peng Ting? Drake has been using it, but its source even though its used throughout the streets of London can be found in Jamaican Patois. A peng was originally used to describe high grade marijuana, this was later used when describing a gorgeous female who was immaculately put together in every way, shape and form. So well did the lovely lady fit the script that the term “Peng Ting” was coined.

Mackareo cannot be credited for this success alone as the production for this peace perfectly fit the flow and lyrics that are delivered, for this listeners must turn to Alexay Beats. There is no word besides Peng Ting that could describe the essence of this song, this will always be a classic for me and will be played in the car on my way to drop my kids off to soccer practice, at a party or in the gym. Just take my money Mackareo you have definitely won with this mélodie.

Aye mama,

ko kit ateh bang ko keit ateh bango

Aye mama,

Je sais tu les fait

it takes two to tango

Oh, Aye mama

Zio oh oh oh

Aye mama

Aye mama….


Je t’aime Je t’aime Je t’aime Je t’aime


Je t’aime Je t’aime Je t’aime Je t’aime

Peng Ting

Yuh leng yuh leng yuh leng

Cant forget the Asians, Latinos, Caucasians

Mackareo – Peng Ting

Flow: Lingala

Beat: Dulce de Leche

Lyrics: Worldwide Ting

Photo Credits: featured image



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