“Baby whats yuh status? do you have a man? Are you taken?”

Valentine by Abra Cadabra X Kush is a head bumping, toe tapping anthem dedicated to a special someone on that special day in February. Even though this day is 52 weeks away every year, the songs unique mixture of gritty Tottenham flow coupled with Emix‘s sensual rythm, has created not just a club favorite but a chore favorite as well. Ironing clothes has transformed from task to meditation with this banger. One thing that can be said for sure is that Abra Cadabra has come far from black box and he only seems to be getting better and better with each newly released song.

Sho’, fuck it
Girl bring your back, lemme bruck it
Non stop jooking when I tump it
I give you woody have you feeling all goody till your pum pum sore
She knows I’m not a real yard man
But I can tump it up and I can talk the talk
She won’t leave me for a real yard man
My baby calls me a real yard man
Shorty got a bum-billy-bum-billy-bum and it’s in my way
Your place, my place, I don’t mind same way, man it works both ways
Oh, I got some weed we can roll
Maybe we can go with the flow
I don’t know, I don’t know
Will you be my Valentine?

Valentine – Abra Cadabra X Kush

Flow: Butter

Lyrics: Tottenham

Beat: Melodic



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