Mask Off

Call it how it is


I promise, I swear, I swear…

Mask off is perhaps the best song coming off of Future‘s new album, titled “Future“. As expected the Atlanta native brings his customary definitive trap flow. With the help of Metro Boomin they have combined to create another unforgettable Friday night out with the team. Mask off is the second most played song on Spotify with 1.2 million plays a day

I must digress that credit must be given where credit is due, not since the Pied Piper of Hamelin have I heard the flute played with such mastery. Metro Boomin deserves a standing ovation for this production, his use of “Tommy Butler ft Carlton William’s -Prison Song” partnered with drums and a boosted base has made for a soulful new school rendition of an old school classic.

Two cups, toast up with the gang

From food stamps to a whole other domain

Out the bottom, I’m the livin proof 

Ain’t compromising, half a million on the Coupe

Drug houses, lookin like Peru

Graduated, I was overdue

Pink molly, I can barely move

Ask about me, I’m gon bust a move

Rick James, thirty-three chains

Ocean air, cruisin Biscayne

Top off, that’s a liability

Hit the gas, boostin my adrenaline

Future – Mask Off

Flow: Super Trapper

Lyrics: Friday Night

Beat: Boomin





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