Come Closer

“Came into the game, no one replace me

Me love my Hennessy straight with no chaser

All of my guys know me all about me paper….”


Coming straight out of Lagos, Nigeria the artist Wizkid is of another caliber. At just 26 years old, not only is he taking afro-pop to a whole other level but he is also taking over the international charts by storm. His collaboration with Drake is nothing short of Grammy worthy.

When my ears sipped this “Come Closer” for the first time, a smile immediately crept across my face and my brow began to furrow. The infectious beat produced by Sarz does not even begin to describe the mood that this song puts the listener in. After a brilliantly crafted two verses from Wizkid, Drake takes the mic and in usual form he raises the song to new heights like a church choir on a Sunday morning.

This song is definitely one to play with your kids in the car ten years from now, and will have the club turning up and upside down.

Me, me number one inna me city

Me steady repping, representing for me city, yo

African-born, me rep my ting, yo

Me come clean like me come inna me video

Me, me come through like a soldier

She give me tease and she pleasing my roja

She got the keys to my Porsche and my Rover

We in Miami livin’ La Vida Loca, ayy

~ Wizkid


Too mix up in drama to go outside

Too mix up in drama to free my mind

Jealous people around me, I need to change my life

I just turn colder every time I try

What would I do without you, my chargie?

I don’t feel that way with anybody

Tell me your secrets, I’m not messy

Steady it for me, girl, hold steady

I wanna put you in my life

Your hair smell like the tropics, your body look nice

One fuck cyaan hold me, we gotta go twice

I’m here for you, just tell me what you like

I wanna put you in my life


Flow: Cream

Lyrics: Lagos

Beat: Gyration 




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