Last Night in Lagos

Last night in Lagos is a brilliantly freestyled composition by none other than the UK grime artist Krept.


Picture rights reserved to Paul Szewczyk

All five minutes and fifty-five seconds over a contemplative and redefining rhythm produced by E.Y beats is magic to say the least. That is until Krept’s narrative style flow and baritone voice really commands your ears attention. It takes the listener on a journey into someone else’s proverbial shoes, with unwavering concentration.

Last Night in Lagos fits snugly into each bar that is spit throughout the song, it shows the uncanny resemblance between growing up on the south side of London and the hot nights in Lagos Nigeria.

Yeah, so how do we survive?

That’s why them youngens on the streets letting heaters fly

These young girls sell theyself, can’t sleep at night

She moving loose, but there’s probably a reason why

Girls abused at home so it plays with their head

They start moving backwards, so watch what I say next

They slip up as pupils, eat desserts when they’re stressed

Becuh she lived with the devil, hope you caught what I said

I’ll give you a minute to catch that

Give you a minute to realise we’re the best with the raps at

Krept – Last Night in Lagos

“Slip up” is “Pupils” spelled backwards

“desserts” is “stressed” spelled backwards

“devil” is “lived” spelled backwards


Flow: Narrative

Lyrics: English Lit

Beat: Contemplative



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