“I need you to stop runnin’ back to your ex, he’s a wasteman

I wanna know, how come we can never slash and stay friends?

I’m Blem for real, I’d like to say how I feel

I’m Blem for real, I’d like to say how I feel…”

In the song Blem, Drake provides his listeners with his magic off of his new hit album “More Life”. In usual 6God style his lyrics express his true feelings for a woman while being Blem. The Caribbean dancehall beat off provides the rhythm for the lyrics that whine its way through fans hearts and minds. The beat itself was created by T-Minus, who is a Canadian producer from Ajax, Ontario. T-Minus is also signed to Drake’s OVO Sound.

The title of this artistic musical piece holds significant meaning to the song. The word “Blem” is a term that has been adopted into Toronto slang. The term expresses the state of being high on mind altering substances. While high on this particular substance, Drake felt free to speak his mind, and it is clear to see that he was rapping from the heart. At the very beginning of the song, Drake announces that he is “blem,” and he warns the individual that he is addressing that he is going to rap in a very blunt manner with no filter. This is particularly important to the song because it immediately establishes the tone in which he is trying to broadcast and make obvious to his listeners.

Cause I know what I like
I know how I wanna live my life
I don’t need no advice
You’re not here and we both know why
So, move from me when you’re extra
Move from me with the passa

I’m buildin’ up a house where they raised me
You move with me, I’ll go crazy

Drake – Blem

Flow: 6God

Beat: T-Minus

Lyrics: Papi 

Photo Credits: featured image



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