“When Jazz meets a good Trinidadian Sunday Lunch”

Now jazz just like fine food does not touch my palette all to often, but all of this changed when I listened to the Creole Soul by Ettiene Charles. Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago where he attended Fatima College. Ettiene always loved music. Whether it was playing it on his trumpet, listening to it with friends or dancing to it with friends. To him it did not matter, like the blood that gives life to our bodies, music gives life to the soul. Therefore when two soulful genres; one calypso and the other Jazz dance with the passions of love, the child is a genre so rich in culture, rhythm and positive vibes that it in itself becomes an experience.

Charles’ music makes you feel like a child again sitting on the pavement with your friends; donned in a wife beater, shorts and a pair of rubber ding dings (flip flops) sipping on a cold snow cone on a hot Trinidadian day. The nostalgia that it radiates creates utter bliss in the listener when listening to each unique song.  There is no singing on any song except for the soulful cries of each instrument.

The album has been on iTunes since 2013 and for any Jazz lover I think this is an absolute must listen.Jack must be given his jacket when brilliance is portrayed regardless of the creation. So to tenor saxophonist; Jacques Shwarz-Bart, alto saxophonist; Brian Hogans, keyboardist Kris Bowers, bassist; Ben Williams, drummer Obed Calvaire and trumpeter; Ettiene Charles. Bravo, Encore and thank you.



The Folks

You Don’t Love me (No No No)



Green Chimneys

Turn Your Lights Down Low


Close Your Eyes

Doin’ The Things

Etienne Charles – Creole Soul

Beat: Creole Soul

Flow: Sunday Lunch

Photo Credits: featured image



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