“We could take a trip,

Showing you the culture

Sitting on the sands,

Sipping on a soda…”

This UK Grime group made up of Lucas X Ash emerged from Birmingham, England in 2016 with their hit song “Bad Gyal”. Amassing a collective 987,237 views takes a softer twist to the often grittiness associated with Grime. With a melodic beat that keeps ears around the world perking up for more it is no wonder that these two did not break out on the scene even earlier.

Managed under Spotlight Entertainment also known for contributions to Krept and Konan’s success, the team does not disappoint and fires brings a big tune into the mix. The song tells about an unfaithful female who is being pursued by another unsuspecting male who tries to woo her continuously throughout the song. The pair mix their Birmingham dialect masterfully to create a flow that rolls off the tongue and into the ear drums easily. With production by Jay Brown beatz and Amos, the musical creation is easy to listen to in a setting where there may be light chatter, simply to set a relaxed mood.

Baby girl you’re bad,

I love it when you misbehave on me.

Have you got a man, or nah?

If you don’t you can play with me.

One time for dem bad gyal

Bumper go boom, boom, boom, boom

Wanna know why I’m preeing so hard.

I showed her the keys to my car.

Cos she said she wan’ a man


She don’t want a van

She wan’ a high roller

Babe I got the plan

You could come over

My way, my way come closer.

Lotto Boyz – Bad Gyal

Flow: Birmingham

Beat: Cream Soda

Lyrics: For d gyal dem

picture credit: featured image



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