Song of the Day

It is Friday, and it is also my birthday so as a result I think it is only fitting to post a song of the day. There are so many songs I could choose but I think the song that best describes today as I become one year older is “J Soul – Slow Wine”Slow wine because the best wine comes with age. Personally this one calls for a slow rotation of the hips and a reminder that birthdays only come once a year so I should savor every minute. 

J Soul is a young artist from the 6 (Toronto) his talent certainly exceeds all the attention that is given to the 6God.

Shawty you should know that I don’t waste time,
I be on the road,
Yeah, I stay on my grind
I hope you don’t believe
What you read online
Cause I promise you
That I ain’t that guy
No lie
No time for the drama
Shawty independent
She don’t need no niggas commas
Shorty super bad
Said she got it from her mama
I wish I had you
Where’s that genie in the bottle?
You need to fuck with
A young single nigga from Toronto
From Toronto, yeah
In Toronto,yeah

J Soul

Flow: Slow wine

Lyrics: mashup 

Beat: International



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