Diggin J.I.D

Let’s start talking about J.I.D, straight out of East Atlanta. This young and talented rapper who broke out on the scene with his “Spillage Village crew”is a breath of fresh air, in comparison to other famous Atlanta rappers such as: Migos, Future and Gucci Mane.

His flow is nothing like the mainstream trap Gods. In reality his art is not trap rap at all. Sounding like a mixture of Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper“, and with lyrics that could go head to head with either of these industry hardened artists. Is it even a wonder that J Cole signed this young talented poet to his Dreamville label?

“Never had a real dollar to my name bruh”

Shit been lame bruh

I ain’t even in this shit for the fame bruh,

it’s the pain bruh

Most of the niggas I came up with, haven’t came up

And doing the same stuff, but I haven’t came up

This really ain’t nothing, niggas thinking they fucking with JID

Ya’ll got the game fucked up

Tremendously, can’t fuck with the mind of a mental fiend

who dig deep in the depths when he in to deep

I crept on the steps where the demons leap

And yell, well show the Lord what He means to me

Oh my God, don’t be mean to me

We arrived with a bean or three

And it’s not what it seems to be

I can die, I can fly, I can try very easily

J.I.D – Never

Lyrics: Stupendous

Flow: Machine Gun

Beat: Bumping

Overall: 8 out of 10, because I have hopes of even better work to come.



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